About Us

Who We Are

FAM-We gives Dedication to Pure Beauty:

Makeup is a beauty aid. It helps build up the self-esteem of an individual. All women represent various beauty ideas and create so many gorgeous looks that make them feel confident and empowered. At FAM, also known as Faryal Khalid Abbasi Makeup, we believe that every woman is beautiful in her way, but with the right makeup, she can be a force of real power. FAM’s expert color palette can enhance women’s beauty adding to layers of confidence.

Faryal Khalid Abbasi, a personification of confidence, charm, and elegance herself, brings the same to those touched by her. Now we will introduce her personally developed a line of Foundations, Eye Varnishes, Lipsticks, Eye-Liners, Mascaras, Face Powders, and Blushes, so every woman can now indulge in looking great and feeling even greater! For complete assurance of quality and maintenance of consistency, the products are being manufactured in the USA, following global standards in cosmetic production.

FAM makeup is a Certified Halal line following the practices of in-depth Halal Standards for ingredients and manufacturing. Acceptable manufacturing practices and fair trade are our top priorities. FAM Makeup does not test on animals.

The Story of Faryal Khalid Abbasi Entrepreneur

Cosmetologist, and Philanthropist:

Faryal Khalid Abbasi, is a beauty entrepreneur, cosmetologist, and a social activist of International fame. She is an awe-inspiring successful businesswoman. Her fascinating and promising personality reflects vividly in her love for beauty and her warmth and sensitivity towards women who have accidentally lost it. Faryal Khalid Abbasi has devoted her passionate work in promoting women’s independence and encouraging the empowerment of young women. The next step in the evolution of FAM Makeup Brand was to take her 15 years of experience and turn it into a beauty product so that every woman can carry a piece of perfection and empowerment with her.

Evolution of the FAM Brand:

In 2005, this brand was formed when Faryal Khalid Abbasi saw the emptiness in beauty and cosmetics. So she decided to launch a trusted brand of makeup. This brand was founded on the principle of “Dedication to Pure Beauty.” FAM Make up will carve a niche for itself as an innovative purity based on a Certified beauty brand.

FAM Make up stands upon a revolutionary turn point between beauty, science, and pure values. This brand is acclaimed for its unwavering commitment to reinventions, break-though formulations, and technological innovations. With Faryal Khalid Abbasi at the helm of it all, each beauty product is designed specifically for the Pakistani and Asian women with conscious details given to each ingredient. The FAM products are designed and formulated with the essential color ingredients from best sources that create unbelievably dream-like looks. It also makes you guilt-free about what is going on your delicate skin. FAM Make up is distinguished from other brands with modern color palettes, sensual textures, and fun and sleek packaging. It is paving the way for new, purity based, innovation drives, for the ‘women of today’ cosmetics.

Our values:

The FAM’s Mission:

FAM is here to help every woman make beauty with purity and feel beautiful.

The FAM Vision:

FAM provides beauty for each individual to be the first choice of women seeking conscious free, flattering, attractive, and premium products that make each woman look beautiful and more confident.

The Values of FAM:

At the heart of FAM, Makeup is a passion for creating beauty products, which is infused throughout all aspects of our business, from product development to packaging, sampling to selling, and marketing to merchandising. Passion is what FAM Makeup can bring to women in self-confidence, empowerment, well-being, and greater self- openness. For a beauty business, passion means understanding others, knowing how to listen, and apprehend their needs so without passion, FAM Make up would never be possible.

FAM Make up finds itself between science, beauty, and pure moral values. Faryal Khalid Abbasi has kept innovations as FAM’s founding values; the brand is acclaimed for its break-though formulations. The FAM Make up is founded by beauty Estheticians who regularly analyze and study the ever-changing needs of women’s skin to make ‘best fit’ products that are truly different and good for you. This leads to a higher level of performance.

The story of Faryal Khalid Abbasi is a story of one women’s journey to success. She is a symbol of self-confidence, independence, and female empowerment. Her success journey is the driving force behind the creation of the FAM Makeup brand. FAM Make up embodies all that is Faryal Khalid Abbasi. At FAM, we are true to our commitment to quality by ensuring each of our product ingredients is extracted from Halal certified sources and created in an environment that holds to all international Halal standards.

Our Responsibility:

As a responsible brand, FAM is committed to bringing the best to customers. Each item in the FAM collection is manufactured with the best quality ingredients, making it the biggest Certified Cosmetic Line to come to Pakistan. FAM is refrained from using any animal substance or intoxicants in our products. Every single product is free of harmful Parabens. The specially designed color palette and tones are best suited for the Asian complexion and skin types. The FAM line of makeup can bring out the natural beauty in anyone – and that’s precisely what we intend to do.