1. Bronzers:

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FAM has introduced its own Bronzer’s palettes. These are available in various colors and shades. A few of them are listed below:

  • FAM Bronzing Powder Mini
  • FAM Matte Bronzer
  • FAM Lite Matte Bronzer
  • FAM Bronzer- Caramel
  • FAM Primer Infused Bronzer
  • FAM Bronzer on the Go All in One Face
  • FAM Bronzer Beauty


The reason behind various colors and shades of the bronzers is your skin color. FAM has solved the problem. You can select a bronzer palette for yourself according to your skin color. These palettes are available at flexible and affordable prices. A bronzer is used to give your skin a healthy glow.

Bronzer’s well-chosen shade makes you look like you have spent time in the sun without the UV dangers of solar rays or sun-beds. FAM bronzers can specifically enhance your tan and can darken the skin without masking it. By FAM, bronzers come in powder, gel, liquid, and cream form and can be intended for the face or body.