Eye Shadow Primers:

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FAM eye shadow primers have solved professional and self-proclaimed makeup artists’ problem to make a good eye shadow longing last. It is an eye product that makes a world of difference in your shadow’s pigment and longevity. FAM’s top eye shadow primers are listed below:

  • FAM Shadow Insurance
  • FAM’s mini eye shadow primer
  • FAM’s decay primary potion
  • FAM’s pro-prime proof eye shadow base
  • FAM pro-long-wear paint pots


These eye shadow primers by our brand not only make your eye shadow go on smooth and vibrant, but it also helps to last all day. These primers prevent your eyes from ruining face look by pooling into the creases of eyes. FAM’s eye shadow primer is the greatest makeup invention of all time. Because it doesn’t have to be used just on your eyes, it is a multi-purpose product that can be used under the eyes, on your brows, over pimples, on the fine lines around your mouth, and your lips.

FAM’s specially designed eye shadow primers create a base for the eyelids, absorbing excess oils and allowing for an even surface to apply makeup. If you do not apply primers, greasy eyelids can cause eye shadows to get that “creased” effect throughout the day, have a patchy and uneven application, or even disappear entirely in a matter of hours.