Faryal Khalid Abbasi New Products Review and Swatches:

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A good hello to my sparkling fellows! i m Faryal Khalid Abbasi Long time no see? Life is such a busy little bee :). That’s it. Although I was active on social media, I missed blogging like anything! So I am here with a new start and with my favorite makeup brand FAM ( Faryal khalid Abbasi Makeup), which recently added amazing new products on their shelves, what are we waiting for?

FAM New Products:

  • FAM Perfect Wear Eyeliner
  • FAM Matte LUXE
  • FAM Liquid Lipstick

My Experience:

My genuine loyalty to FAM has been obvious since the Halal Makeup brand launch back in 2005. Earlier I have reviewed many of the products from #FaryalAbbasiMakeup on the blog and active social media e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (all links in sign-off). It is an honor that the FAM brand has sent its newly launched products to me so my beautiful fellows and followers can get a glimpse into what’s new! So let’s review these fabulous products one by one:

FAM Perfect Wear Liner: 

It is more of a pencil- liner pencil, but it doesn’t mean that this liquid liner didn’t impress me. It did so that I am here to review it. This is available in black color, having two shades. This eyeliner does not have a brush tip applicator. Its sharp and thick tip makes the application a lot easier than other eyeliners. It can stay for 5 to 6 hours entirely on the eye. I like this product by FAM.

This liner is easy to handle and apply. It is handy, thick, and easily washable. It provides a sleek and fine finish. It is available at the cost of Pkr 700/-

FAM Matte LUXE Lipstick:

This product has won my heart in the first swatch!!! It is an incredibly nice product. I was surprised to use this pure pigmented matte Lipstick as it offers long-lasting wear with Shea butter and vitamin E.

It is a bonus product with its beautiful shades, the matte nature, the velvety lightness on lips, and the staying power. It is a Halal product and does not have any harmful ingredients for health. It offers no hindrance in performing religious duties. The product is available in various beautiful shades.

It empowers your lips in a single swipe with its creamy texture and full pigmentation. It is a pure luxury that adds to your beauty. It is one of those products that win your heart, and you feel speechless to describe its beauty. The same is the case with me. So I am going to announce the price of this product. It is available in Pkr 1000/- only.

FAM Liquid Lipstick:

This product is a fantastic addition to the FAM liquid lipstick family. I am glad to get this amazing liquid Lipstick in my collection of lip colors now. It dries quickly and can last long for many hours. It was not easy to remove the lip color from my lips after a few hours, even with micellar water. I think that’s amazing.

This one is a cool-toned bright red, plush red to precise. I like the very first swatch of it on my lips. Its texture is creamy, and it dries in a reasonable time. Its application is easy if you know the drill 🙂  The product is available at the cost of Pkr 1200/-

I hope that your people will find my review useful. I am sure you will enjoy the reviews.  I am going to rate these products 5/5 as these are flawless and user friendly. You will repurchase these high-quality products after trying once.

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