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A big hello to my fellows! from Faryal khalid abbasi I hope you are having a good day! Today in this blog, I will share my reviews of FAM’s makeup products by Faryal Khalid Abbasi. Faryal Abbasi Makeup, Pakistan’s Halal and certified makeup brand, has launched its newest additions to their line, including eyeliner, new shades of liquid lipsticks, and matte Lipsticks.

FAM needs no introduction, though, but I would like to share a few words for my international readers who might read about this brand for the very first time. Esteemed makeup artist Faryal Khalid Abbasi formed the FAM brand to solve the lack of high quality, affordable, and locally accessible makeup in Pakistan. FAM is the halal makeup line in Pakistan that does not use non-permissible animal substances or harmful chemicals.

Liquid Lipstick from FAM offers three new shades to the range. The color range that is selected is universal and long-lasting, which does not fade. These shades are for anyone who is looking for a rich and pigmented liquid lipstick. FAM gives you that in one application.

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